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Taylor Cannon

Mendocino College
Adjunct Assistant Faculty, Sociology
Palm Desert, CA
Hi Folks, my name is Taylor Cannon and I am originally from Huntington Beach, CA, but I currently live in Cathedral City, CA after recently moving from Ukiah, CA in beautiful Mendocino County. I teach Social Problems, Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Sociology, Race & Ethnic Relations, Marriage & Family, and Social Research Methods for Mendocino College; in addition to being the past eLumen Implementation Coordinator for Student Learning Outcome Tracking, and a past Open Education Resource (OER) Liaison for the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges (ASCCC) at Mendocino College. I also helped to represent part time faculty for Mendocino College as one of the two representatives on the Academic Senate from 2017 to 2021, in addition to serving on the Student Learning Outcome Team (SLOT) since 2016. Additionally, I develop and facilitate professional development training workshops for both public and private employees focused on diversity and bias awareness, cultural competency, effective communication skills, time and task management, manager coaching strategies, facilitation and meeting skills and leadership styles, as well as run my own research and consulting firm, Cannon Research and Consulting (CRC), which included projects on COVID-19 Small Business Recovery Surveys and analysis. I tend to think that you lead by example, coming from a place of genuine interest and empathy and I like to think of myself as a Polymath.

As a sociologist, educator, and lifelong learner, I am dedicated to both equality and equity, and truly enjoy sharing the various ways that sociological theory, methods and research can offer empowerment to students through an awareness of social structures and their own agency to create the changes they want to see. I am readily available to my students both inside and outside of the classroom, actively involved with campus events, and I enjoy having ongoing conversations with students about their current transitions to improve their navigational success in higher education and across multiple institutions. Most recently, I've taken on the role of faculty advisor for Mendocino College's Native American Student Club and continue to advocate for our Native American Student population, as well as being explicit about being a resource for student success by writing letters of recommendation or letters of character for multiple students each year.

My research interests include: Inequality & Social Mobility, Equity & Access in Education, Critical Higher Education Studies, Critical Pedagogy, Self in Transitions, Identity & Intersectionality Theory, Contemporary Social Theory, Research Methodologies, Reflective Composition, Ethnography, Constructivist Learning Theories, Universal Design Learning Principles.

My personal interests include: Non-Fiction Literature, World Music, Disc Golf, Gardening, Camping and Hiking.

Thanks, just a little bit about my own Sense of Self and my pedagogical stance in teaching and learning. If you'd like to chat sometime, my email is: tcannon@mendocino.edu.